Mar 1 2011

SongHall Sunday A Success!

Tom and Toon was the place to be for member singer/songwriters to perform at the new SongHall open mike event. It was a wonderful, creative way to spend a Sunday, networking with and being entertained by other writers!  Tom and Toon provided a special food and bar menu with reduced pricing for all to enjoy.

Let’s do it again!!

SongHall Sunday at Tom and Toon, 241 West 51st St.  4PM-9PM on March 27th! There is a $10 minimum per person, which can be applied to food and/or beverage items. 

If you would like to perform, contact Peter Bliss at .  You need to be a member to participate, and there has never been a better time to join!


Heather Wise


Sean Ryan and Katy Blake