2024 Songwriters Hall Of Fame Scholarship Recipients Announced

(top row, left to right): Tippy Balady | Evan Bartels | Aria Camera | Kyra Cannon | Mic Cole | Patricia Espiritu
(middle, left to right): Erin Ferrer | Lily Lu Gilbert | Dewey Huang | Molly Kate Kestner | Sierra Spirit | Kossisko Konan
(bottom, left to right): Calvin Langman | Ana Liv Mabry | Matilda Marigolds | Alex Oliva | Imogen Valentine | Joshua Wilson

The 2024 recipients of the Abe Olman Scholarships for Excellence in Songwriting, Belmont University Songwriting Scholarship, NYU Steinhardt Songwriting Scholar Award, USC Thornton School of Music Scholarship Award, Curtis Mayfield Scholarship Award, Bill Withers Scholarship and Songwriters of Tomorrow have been selected, SHOF President & CEO Linda Moran announced today. 

Recipients of the Abe Olman Scholarship for Excellence in Songwriting are selected by ASCAP, BMI and SESAC from their membership. Abe Olman, for whom this program is named, was both a major figure in the music publishing community and a songwriter himself, in addition to being one of the founders of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The Abe Olman Scholarships, given out annually since 1990, have been made possible by his family in the interest of encouraging and supporting the careers of young songwriters. In 2002, one such recipient was John Stephens, whose scholarship funds enabled him to finish his first album which went on to win a GRAMMY under his professional name of John Legend. In 2007 he was presented with the SHOF's coveted Hal David Starlight Award.

The 2024 Abe Olman Scholarship recipients are:
  • Evan Bartels (ASCAP) 
  • Molly Kate Kestner (ASCAP)
  • Sierra "Sierra Spirit" Kihega (BMI) 
  • Kossisko Konan (ASCAP)
  • Calvin Langman (SESAC)
  • Ava Liv Mabry (SESAC)
  • Matilda Marigolds (BMI)
  • Imogen "Imogen Valentine" Weiss (BMI)

The NYU Steinhardt Songwriting Scholar Award is presented to music composition students whose work holds great potential for success in the field, and embodies the art, craft, individuality and qualities of communication of the best songwriting. Lily Lu Gilbert and Zhengchun "Dewey" Huang are the 2024 NYU Steinhardt Songwriting Scholar awardees.

The Belmont University Songwriting Scholarship is awarded to Belmont University Songwriting majors who possess tangible exceptional songwriting potential and the intangible qualities of bringing out the best of their collaborators and contributing to the larger community of songwriters. The 2024 recipients are Aria Camera and Kyra Cannon.

The USC Thornton School of Music Scholarship Award is given annually to student songwriters who demonstrates exceptional professional potential through their art, craft and personal character as determined by the faculty of the Popular Music Program and Division of Contemporary Music. The 2024 recipients are Tipton "Tippy" Balady and Joshua Wilson.

The Curtis Mayfield Scholarship, as created by his late widow Altheida, and son Cheaa Mayfield,  recognizes a promising singer/songwriter whose work reflects the inspiration, spirit and soul of SHOF inductee Curtis Mayfield. Michael "Mic Cole" Coleman is the recipient for 2024.

The recipient of the Bill Withers Scholarship, as intended by Marcia Withers and their daughter, singer/songwriter Kori Withers, is one whose work emulates the eloquence of songwriting together with the spirit and soul that defines the songs of SHOF inductee Bill Withers. The awardee for 2024 is Alex Oliva.

The Songwriters of Tomorrow Scholarship is awarded to high school seniors attending a New York City public school, demonstrating the talent and desire to learn the craft of songwriting. The students are chosen based on an original song (lyrics and music), and the scholarships will extend an opportunity to pursue a career in music. The 2024 recipients are Patricia Espiritu and Erin Ferrer.

More information regarding all of the 2024 recipients can be found in the Education section of our website.