Mar 21 2011

Hit Factory Heats Things Up!

There’s no better way for songwriters to spend a Saturday than to hone their business and song crafting skills!  Eric Beall, A&R for Shapiro Bernstein Music, shared his expertise in helping all strategize their careers. Everyone received copies of Eric’s books “Making Music Make Money (An Insider’s Guide To Becoming Your Own Music Publisher)” and “The Billboard Guide To Writing and Producing Songs That Sell”.  This workshop was developed especially for the SongHall and will be presented again in the future, just another reason why there has never been a better time to join the SongHall!
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L/R) Raquel Rodrigues, Eric Beall, Helga Kaefer, Annie Calder, David Goldman, Beth Walker, Lorraine Bates, Batya Diamond, Adam Scheuermann, Katy Blake, JaiDann Juston)