Jun 9 2010

Abe Olman Scholarships, The Holly Prize And New Writers CD Release Packs The House!

It was standing room only at the Bitter End last night for the Abe Olman Scholarships for Excellence in Songwriting presentations, along with the new Holly Prize and Best of the New Writers CD release event. The crowd was impressed as each songwriter performed their songs and received their awards. The evening was a tremendous success, and we are looking forward to the next crop of talented songwriters who will take part in the festivities for next year. Anyone visiting the songhall.org site can go to the Scholarships page to find out more about this year's winners of the Abe Olman Scholarships and Holly Prize. Stay tuned for podcasts coming soon, and if you are a member who would like to take part in our programs, you may contact Peter Bliss at for more information.