Lyricist partnered with George Gershwin. Percy Faiith, Ernesto Lecuona, Robert Allen and others

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Al Stillman


Wrote "Chances Are" and "Home For The Holidays"

Lyricist Al Sillman was born in New York City on June 26, 1906. After graduating from New York University he initially worked as a writer contributing to the Franklin P. Adams newspaper column and in 1933 became a staff writer for Radio City Music Hall, a position he held for nearly 40 years.

Stillman’s stage productions include the scores for Virginia, It Happens on Ice, Stars on Ice, Howdy, Icetime of 948 and Mr. Ice. He also wrote the film score for Carnival in Costa Rica and contributed songs for the film The Cardinal.

Stillman collaborated with several composers, including Arthur Schwartz, George Gershwin, Ernesto Lecuona, Robert Allen, Fred Ahlert, Percy Faith, and Paul McGrane.

Highlights from the Stillman catalog include “The Breeze and I”, “I Believe”, “Chances Are”, “It’s Not For Me to Say”, “Moments to Remember”, “Home for the Holidays”, “Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight”, “You Alone”, “And That Reminds Me”, “Baby, Don’cha Go “Way Mad”, “Bless “em All”, “In Spain They Say ‘Si SiҔ, “No, Not Much”, “Who Needs You?”, “A Room With a View”, “My One and Only Heart”, “When I Am With You”, “Taboo”, “You and I Know”, “An Old Flame Never Dies”, “If Dreams Come True”, “Mama Yo Quiero”, “My Heart Reminds Me”, “Enchanted Island”, “There’s Only One of You”, “Jukebox Saturday Night”, “One, Two, Three, Kick”, “The Little Boy”, “Song About Love”, “Every Step of the Way”, “I Love You and Don’t You Forget It”, “The Great Escape March”, “Can You Find It In Your Heart”, “Teacher, Teacher”, “Meantime”, “There’s Nothing I Can Say”, “Truly, Truly, True” and “Happy Anniversary”.

Staff writer for Radio City Music Hall, a position he held for nearly 40 years