Top Tin Pan Alley songwriter in 1930s and 1940s

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Peter De Rose


Iconic catalog includes "Somebody Loves You" and "Deep Purple"

Peter De Rose was born in New York City on March 10, 1900. The composer of such hits as “I Hear America Singing”, “Evening Star” and “As Years Go By” was first taught music by his older sister.

After graduating from DeWitt Clinton High School, De Rose was put on staff at the G. Ricordi Co. He became a performer on radio shows and eventually appeared with his wife May Singhi Breen on the NBC show “Sweethearts of the Air”. The show was broadcast for over 15 years.

While performing on radio, De Rose was a prolific songwriter collaborating with lyricists like Carl Sigman, Jo Trent, Harry Richman, Charles Tobias, Billy Hill, Mitchell Parish, Bert Shefter, Benny Davis, Al Stillman, Sammy Gallop, Sam Lewis and Stanley Adams. He contributed songs to Broadway musicals including Yes, Yes, Yvette, Earl Carroll’s Vanities of 1928 and Ziegfeld Follies of 1934 and the film scores for Song of Love and The Fighting Seabees.

The De Rose catalog boasts some of the highest charting songs of the 1930’s and “40’s including, "When You’re Gone I Won’t Forget”, “Muddy Water”, “I Just Roll Along”, “When Your Hair Has Turned to Silver”, “One More Kiss Then Goodnight”, “Wagon Wheels”, “Somebody Loves You”, “Have You Ever Been Lonely?”, “There’s a Home in Wyoming”, “Rain”, “Just Say Aloha”, “That’s Life I Guess”, “In a Mission by the Sea”, “Royal Blue”, “Maytime in Vienna”, “Starlit Hour”, “Deep Purple”, “The Lamp is Low”, “Lilacs in the Rain”, “On a Little Street in Singapore”, “All I Need is You”, “Autumn Serenade”, “That’s Where I Came In”, “Moonlight Mood”, “American Waltz”, “In the Market Place in Old Monterey”, “Who Do You Know in Heaven?”, “Twenty Four Hours of Sunshine”, “God of Battles”, “I Hear a Forest Praying”, “God is Ever Beside Me”, “A Marshmellow World”, “Buena Sera” and “Love Ya”.

Peter De Rose died in New York City on April 23, 1953.

Broadway, Hollywood, and radio performer