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Gene De Paul


Wrote "Teach Me Tonight"

Gene De Paul was born in New York City on June 17, 1919. Trained as a classical pianist, he had a successful career as a composer and arranger. In his early years, he performed as a pianist in dance orchestras and toured theaters as a singer and arranger for vocal groups. He also served in the US army during World War II.

Under contract to film studios, he contributed to several Hollywood film scores in the 1940’s and 50’s, most notably In the Navy, Keep ’Em Flying, Moonlight in Hawaii, Behind the Eight Ball, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Two Tickets to London, What’s Buzzin”, Cousin?, Crazy House, I Dood It, Hi-Ya Chum, Always a Bridesmaid, Broadway Rhythm, Hi, Good Lookin’, Murder in the Blue Room, A Date With Judy, A Song is Born, So Dear To My Heart, They Live By Night, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, You Can’t Run Away From It and Li’l Abner. De Paul also wrote the Broadway score to Li’l Abner, with lyricist Johnny Mercer.

Other than Mercer, De Paul collaborated with Don Raye, Carolyn Leigh, Bob Russell and Charles Rinker.

Catalog highlights include “I’ll Remember April”, “Mister Five by Five”, “He’s My Guy”, “Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet”, “Cow Cow Boogie”, “Love Me”, “Irresistible You”, “When You’re In Love”, “Star Eyes”, “When You’re In Love”, “Lonesome Polecat”, “Sobbin’ Women”, “Love in a Home”, “If I Had My Druthers”, “The Country’s in the Very Best of Hands”, “Your Red Wagon”, “A Song Was Born”, “Pigfoot Pete”, “Teach Me Tonight”, “You Can’t Run Away from It” and “Temporarily”.

Gene De Paul died on February 27, 1988 in Northridge, California.

Tony Nomination for songs in "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"

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