Broadway, film and pop lyricist

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Carolyn Leigh


Wrote over 200 songs including Broadway's "Peter Pan"

Lyricist Carolyn Leigh was born in New York City on August 21, 1926.

After attending Queens College in New York she worked as a copyrighter for radio stations and advertising agencies.

Collaborating with composers such as Cy Coleman and Moose Charlap, Leigh also wrote the Broadway stage scores for Peter Pan, Wildcat and Little Me.

Her catalog boasts some of the biggest standards to emerge from Broadway stage scores including “The Best is Yet To Come”, “Young at Heart”, “How Little We Know”, “Westport”, “Spring in Maine”, “The Rules of the Road”, “Firefly”, “Witchcraft”, “I’m Flying”, “I Gotta Crow”, “I Walk a Little Faster”, “you Fascinate Me So”, “hey, Look Me Over”, “Tall Hopes”, “El Sombrero”, “One Day We Dance”, “It Amazes Me”, “The Other Side of the Tracks”, “Real Live Girl”, “I’ve Got Your Number”, “Here’s to Us”, “a Doodlin’ Song”, “Stay With Me”, “On Second Thought”, “Pass Me By”, “When In Rome” and “Ouzo”.

Leigh also contributed to the film scores of The Cardinal and Father Goose. Late in her career she also contributed to the scores for TV specials such as Heidi as well as the bicentennial show for Something to Do.

Carolyn Leigh died in New York on November 19, 1983.

Wrote Sinatra's "Young At Heart"