Jessica Fine - This Love

Jessica Fine is a singer/songwriter from Bloomington, Illinois.  After graduating from the University of Miami (majoring in Vocal Jazz Performance) she traveled to New York to pursue a music career.  Singing since she could talk, she also began playing the piano at a young age.  She surrounded herself with music and would listen to it all. 
At Miami she was able to expand her musical talents and hone her songwriting ability.  Jessica’s voice has been compared to Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones, and Fiona Apple.  With a mix of Pop, R & B, and Rock, her real lyrics and unique sound set her apart from other artists.

Her lyrics are honest, at times playful and at times heart-wrenching, so it is not surprising that they are mostly inspired by personal experiences and the stories of those close to Jessica.  Its music you believe, are effected by, find yourself singing constantly, and that you’ll want to listen to over and over.