Ori Dulitzki (BMI)

Abe Olman Scholarship, 2019

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Ori spent more time figuring out how to dribble a basketball like Allen Iverson than he did idolizing his current musical heroes. That all changed when he began high school and discovered that there was a whole world of pop and R&B music out there. Feeling inspired, Ori bought his first keyboard and microphone and taught himself how to produce, write, and sing on demos for himself. 

His mother relentlessly sent his demos to almost everyone she knew and eventually got connected to a VP/A&R at a publishing company in New York. 
Ori moved into a humble NYC East Village apartment to work with producers and writers all over NYC, and two months after his initial move, one song he had written landed him a spot on NBC’s brand new series, Songland

Ori was flown out to LA to perform his song in front of an all-star panel of songwriters and artists where he was met with very positive feedback. In the month since returning from filming the show, Ori has been working nonstop on putting together a soulful pop/R&B project which is scheduled to release this summer.