Nono Chen

NYU Steinhardt Songwriting Scholar Award, 2020

Nono Chen, the 2020 NYU Songwriting Scholar, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, producer, media composer, arranger, and pianist based in New York City.
Nono began playing piano at the age of four and was trained in classical composition at Shanghai Music Middle School. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Writing and Production at the Berklee College of Music in 2017. During her time at Berklee, she was selected as an arranger for several large-scale shows, among them, the Singers’ Showcase and the Commencement Concert. In 2019, she was admitted to NYU Steinhardt’s Master’s program in Songwriting, where her teachers include Phil Galdston, Barry Eastmond, Dana Calitri, David Wolfert, and David Swagg R’Celious Harris.
Nono started her stylistic expansion and sonic exploration under the influence of such artists as Jacob Collier, Bruno Mars, and Dua Lipa. Her husky voice soars over a remarkable variety of genres and styles and her innovative and unpredictable musical moves take her audience on an exciting and unique journey.
On her latest single, “School of Losers,” Nono surprised her fans by employing Latin rhythms and harmony. She’s in the process of shooting and producing a one-woman music video for her upcoming single, “Would You Read My Mind.” She performs live at various New York City venues, including Pianos, The West End Lounge, and Pete’s Candy Store.
Nono was named a Mentee in the 2019 Society of Composers & Lyricists’ Mentor Program. She was the recipient of the 2018 American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers’ Ray and Jon Charles Scholarship for Vocal Arranging, the 2019 Berklee Contemporary Writing and Production Achievement Award, and NYU’s 2019-20 Paul Simon Scholarship.