Nils Becker

NYU Steinhardt Songwriting Scholar Award, 2016

Nils Becker, the 2016 NYUSteinhardt Songwriting Scholar, is a songwriter, guitar player, and producer based in Brooklyn, New York. Born in Germany, his early musical influences included English-speaking songwriters, like Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler. After playing in several pop and rock combos in his teenage years, Nils moved on to pursue a degree in Jazz Guitar at The Nuremberg University of Music.

While composing and arranging for and performing with jazz bands in Germany, he rediscovered his affinity for songwriting. He began writing songs for himself and, eventually, co-produced his first solo EP. Because of the influence of American music on his songwriting, he felt the need to further develop his ability to truly capture American culture in song.

He moved to New York to join the unique graduate songwriting program at NYU Steinhardt’s Department of Music and Performing Arts. He is studying with renowned professionals, like Barry Eastmond and GRAMMY®-nominee Phil Galdston, and has had the opportunity to work with outstanding professionals, like Shelly Peiken and Rosanne Cash.

At New York University, Nils is leading the new founded Songwriting Circle, a group created for songwriters to share ideas and experiences and support and assist collaboration. While exploring different genres, collaborating with other writers, and writing for other artists, Nils remains committed to the music that he loves the most: pop-rock, country, and folk. With that in mind, he will spend the summer of 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee.