Kyra Cannon

Belmont University Songwriting Scholarship, 2024

Kyra Cannon, a Nashville native, has been familiar with the music industry from a young age. Having been raised by two influential songwriters, she understands what it takes to make it and have a lasting career. From 2016 to 2020, she rocked stages in the all-girls band "Queens of Noise," leaving a mark on Nashville's rock scene. Currently pursuing her passion at Belmont University as a songwriting major, Cannon intertwines her upbringing with her education, crafting melodies that resonate with soulful, candid storytelling. Her three-song project "Dog Stories," available across all streaming platforms, fuses folk roots and atmospheric elements, creating an emotionally compelling and unique sonic experience. Recently, she has formed her own band that gives her music an upbeat, dynamic feel, making for an exciting and ever-changing live performance. Cannon is excited to continue sharing her songs with all who will listen and to become the best artist she can through learning, hard work, and an enduring passion for music.