Kii Kinsella p/k/a SAINT KID (BMI)

Abe Olman Scholarship, 2022

Kii Kinsella p/k/a SAINT KID is most identifiable by his ambient and textured sonics, his vulnerable melodies and painful lyrics. Pairing haunting acoustic elements with samples of rivers and deep forests into his music, SAINT continues to grow as an 18-year-old artist, producer, and songwriter. Born in Upstate NY, SAINT KID began his life inspired by the world around him in a family of touring musicians, learning what it means to truly embody and live through your own art at an early age.

Teaching himself piano, guitar, drums, and bass; he began to produce, record, and release music of his own and in collaboration. After graduating high school early, SAINT drove across the country in a renovated school bus to continue his career in Los Angeles, where he is currently working on his next project.
For more you can find SAINT on all streaming services and social media @saintkid2world.