Jason Kingston (SHOF)

Abe Olman Scholarship, 2011

Songwriter/Artist Jason Kingston is new blood with an old soul. With rural roots among Florida farm country, his childhood was cultivated with equal parts Motown, Beatles and Charley Pride. On Saturdays, it was Aretha in the morning and Hee Haw at night. It’s no wonder his catalogue features a well-rounded mix of maturely penned Country classics and new R&B deliciousness. Hits with crossover appeal including the song “Lucky,” featured on this year’s SHOF compilation CD. As an artist, Kingston is quickly gaining a rep for his soul-powered, show stopping live performances– thoughtful, compelling lyrics, gift-wrapped in rich, distinctive, soulful voice. Featured at Durango Songwriters Expo, TAXI and several New York showcases, he’s transformed his diversity into a new sound, “Neu Soul,” a fresh approach to soul that bridges the past with new, alternative sounds and themes. It’s Ceelo meets John Legend meets Stevie Wonder; the kind of music that has you thinkin’, smilin’ and cryin’ at the same time.