Ella Collier

USC Thornton School of Music Scholarship Award, 2022

Ella Collier is a songstress, performer & the rising voice of her generation. Atlanta bred, now based in Los Angeles, Ella is a multifaceted musician who not only writes but performs, and records her original music. An arena pop artist & powerhouse vocalist, Ella has created a unique soundscape within her umbrella of Pop, incorporating trap, EDM, & hyperpop elements into her sound. Encapsulating the human experience of love & loss through her music, Ella has the unique ability to open her heart to the world, inviting everyone into her spiritual playground. At age 14, Ella fell into cardiac arrest, this near death-experience catapulted her into her purpose of creating music for the world. Electric & emotional Ella’s music encapsulates all moods, hence her debut EP Mood Swings.
At the young age of 7, it was imperative to have her voice heard. An early Miley Cyrus fan turned Taylor Swift fanatic, she was going to be the next female Pop sensation. Starting in musical theater, Ella soon picked up guitar at the age of 11, and was performing her own self written music by the age of 12, performing throughout Atlanta, Nashville, New York, Austin, & Los Angeles. She was mentored and developed by Jan Smith through her teen years. As a soon to be graduate of the highly competitive USC Thornton Popular Music Performance Program (minor in Music Industry), she has studied under Patrice Rushen, Paul Jackson Jr. & is currently mentored by Michael “Smidi” Smith. She also plays guitar, piano, & produces on Logic Pro.
She often partners with producer and writer Johnny May, who is her right hand in musical direction & arrangement, production, and live production. She also works closely with producers Cole Mitchell, TJ Wee, & Luca Mendoza.
Ella prides herself on igniting people’s inner confidence & authentically sharing her personal life lessons and stories through her music, no matter how honest. Her intention is to reflect the intricacies of what makes people who they are. Her music is a place for people to express themselves and see their true selves through experiencing her music. With an array of personalities pouring through her music, Ella Collier is truly an extension of her true self and soul story. Ella tells her unique story through her lyrics, but her songs are intended to be heard through listeners’ collective consciousness, reflecting the deepest corners of heartbreak and self love.