E.B. Sollis II (SESAC)

Abe Olman Scholarship, 2018

E.B. Sollis II was named after his grandfather. He’s worked in music all his life. He started playing guitar at the age of 10 and played his first show at 15. He’s been been signed, dropped, dead broke and number one. E.B.’s palate is wide, his taste is panoramic and his knowledge is borderline encyclopedic. He’s played for bikers in Detroit and Russian Oligarchs in St. Barth’s. From his years in the field, E.B.’s most current obsession is bridging the cultural gap between his favorite teenagers and his favorite geezers. This is the first time in the history of popular music since the 50’s that our culture has become completely ageist, and E.B. believing that he is somewhat ageless, thinks it’s important to help both parties understand why the other is so important to preserving this culture and keeping the fire alive. Otherwise, it will die. Plain and simple. For E.B., writing is the same as breathing. He cannot exist without it. He has no boundaries when it comes to genre. If anything, it has become his mission to draw from everywhere to make the most out of the art he creates.

Songwriting Highlights

1. Phantoms - “Just A Feeling” (Lyrics/Topline)

 - 9 weeks at #1 on Sirius BPM, Number 1 on iTunes Electronic, Number 1 on Dance Radio, Sirius BPM most requested song of 2017.



2. Yung Jake - “She Don’t Need To Know” (Lyrics/Topline)



3. E.B. Sollis - “Wheelhouse” (Music/Topline/Lyrics)