Claire Wilkinson (BMI)

Abe Olman Scholarship, 2014

Artist, songwriter Claire Wilkinson hails from Nashville. She began taking voice lessons at the age of seven, and started songwriting at fourteen when she wrote her first song “Growing Hope” to help a nonprofit organization support local hunger relief. At only sixteen, she has already worked with top talent such as Nathan Chapman, Pebe Sebert and Ludwig Goranssen. She has mastered her signature sound.

As a singer-songwriter, Wilkinson combines elements of 90’s indie-girl rock with a modern-alternative flare and strong musical influences from the likes of Coldplay, Regina Spektor, Little Dragon, U2 and Imogene Heap. With lots of energy there is no limit to her creativity. She manages to capture a sense of femininity and emotion with a touch of turmoil to give her sound an edgy yet relatable spiritual asset to those who hear her music.

About her music, Wilkinson says, “I truly love music with everything that I am. I honestly just want to find a way to successfully share my music with people. There is something beautiful about exposing yourself to the world in your most raw and honest form, and for me that’s my music.” 

Claire is currently working on her first album. She continues to collaborate, and write on her own in preparation for the release next year.