Ava Liv Mabry (SESAC)

Abe Olman Scholarship, 2024

Ava Liv Mabry is a singer-songwriter who was raised on gospel and found her folk voice busking on the streets of Franklin, TN. Known for heartfelt lyrics and captivating vocals, Ava’s following has grown organically, one listener at a time. Her honesty and authentic approach with fans led to her unreleased music getting over 6 million views and nearly 100k shares on Instagram and TikTok alone. Ava’s wildly devoted following of over 50k on Instagram and 25k on TikTok consists of over 92% women and is growing every week.

In 2024, Ava partnered with an artist catalyst company, Tinman Entertainment, run by artist/ songwriter Sam Tinnesz. She is also currently in the studio recording her debut EP with Todd Clark (Phillip Phillips, Banners, Noah Kahan). Her first single, “Roman Empire”, generated over 12,000 organic streams on Spotify and hundreds of Instagram shares within the first twenty-four hours.