Ashley Fulton

Bill Withers Scholarship, 2023

Ashley Fulton is a singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Cleveland, Ohio. A musician and performer since childhood, Ashley has over a decade of experience working behind her instruments, microphones, and DAWs. An apprentice of all genres, she loves finding new spaces for creative expression with every project she writes. Her current work blends aspects of traditional pop songwriting with ethereal, contemplative lyrics, unconventional production techniques, and experimental vocal processing. 
An avid songwriter, she is actively building an extensive catalog of unreleased original music both independently and collaboratively, currently totaling 4 EPs, 6 albums, 3 side projects, and at least 200 additional extraneous songs—an average of one album a year since she started writing and producing at 11 years old.

Currently working in the heart of Los Angeles, she's pursuing her Bachelor of Music in Music Production at the USC Thornton School of Music, studying with professors Brian Malouf, Chris Sampson, Lyndia Johnson, and Sean Holt—all of whose expertise has been a tremendous influence on her technique.

When it comes to gear, she keeps it simple. With both Logic Pro and Pro Tools as her home base, Ashley works with two KRK 8-inch monitors, an Apollo Twin X, a Native Instruments Maschine Mikro Mk3, a Yamaha MX88, an Aston Origin condenser, a Shure Beta 87a dynamic, a Squire P-Bass, and a pair of MDR-7506s. Her current obsessions are iZotope VocalSynth, DFX Buffer Override, McDSP's Multiband Dynamics Processor, and anything Soundtoys.