Alexandra James

NYU Steinhardt Songwriting Scholar Award, 2019

Blending neo-soul and R&B, 24 year-old New York City vocalist and songwriter Alexandra James offers a fresh take on pop music, influenced by the jazz tradition.
James attended the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where she earned her Bachelor's in Jazz Performance. Her original music is raw and personal, currently being honed through New York University’s graduate Program in Songwriting.
James is an engaging lyricist with a compelling voice, unafraid to take on bold, sometimes controversial subject matter, which she presents with strength and self-assuredness. She delivers her thought-provoking lyrics with a resonant voice rooted in honest emotion.
Raised by a single mother, James’ emphasis on the strength in and of femininity and independence within womanhood reflect an authenticity based in experience. This boldness and conviction can be heard in the recently released “Ascension,” her debut EP. Comprised of seven tracks ranging from a Gospel-influenced acapella piece about exploring the thin line of battling or befriending inner-demons to a victorious neo-soul anthem of self-love.
Though her music reflects a multitude of genres, themes, and influences, one thing is clear: James is a tenacious and spirited artist on the rise, whose voice is only growing louder and clearer.