Alex Oliva

Bill Withers Scholarship, 2024

Alex Oliva is a Filipino Italian singer, songwriter, pianist, producer, and artist from Philadelphia, PA. However, Alex is a songwriter first and foremost. Throughout his time studying at the University of Southern California, Alex has not only studied the art of songwriting, but also the business of songwriters. Alex has interned at companies such as Hipgnosis (A&R and Sync), Warner Chappell (Mechanical Licensing), and Megahouse Music (Studio Intern). Additionally, Alex helped coordinate a performance for a SONA (Songwriters of North America) charity event which honored songwriting champions such as Jon Platt and Busbee. While Alex intends to become a prolific writer, he also plans to improve the situation which songwriter’s see themselves in today. By working at these various companies, Alex has learned the ins and outs of publishing and songwriter/producer management. After completing his graduate degree in Music Industry, Alex plans on starting his career as a songwriter, artist, vocalist, and musician. Alex’s approach to the music industry is a collaborative one. Through his first two years performing in Los Angeles, he made it a point to include all of his classmates on at least one of his gigs. Alex did this so he could work with his entire cohort and so each classmate could have experience performing outside of class. Alex will continue to take this approach by uplifting his colleagues and fellow songwriters for the rest of his career. Another goal of Alex’s is to start his own company. This company will be focused around publishing and finding opportunities for established and rising songwriters. Alex understands that a career in music can be a multi faceted one, and he is ready for that undertaking. Ultimately, Alex wants to be remembered for his creative efforts and his work to create a better world for writers and musicians.