Big band singer, composer, lyricist and music publisher

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Sunny Skylar


Appeared with Paul Whiteman and Vincent Lopez big bands

Sunny Skylar (1913 –2009) was a composer, singer, lyricist, and music publisher. He was born Selig Shaftel in Brooklyn, New York.

As a singer, he appeared with a number of big bands, including those led by Ben Bernie, Paul Whiteman, Abe Lyman, and Vincent Lopez.

Skylar had a talent for adapting Spanish language songs into English language hits – these include “Amor,” “Love Me with All Your Heart” and, most notably, the frequently-recorded “Bésame Mucho.”

Among Skylar’s other hits are "It Must Be Jelly ('Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That),” "Be Mine Tonight," "Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue," and "And So to Sleep Again.”

Wrote English lyric to "Amor" and "Besame Mucho"

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