Tin Pan Alley songwriter at turn of the century

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Lewis F. Muir


Favored ragtime pianist

Composer Lewis F. Muir was born in 1884. His early career was as a popular ragtime pianist in St. Louis Honky Tonk saloons. Moving to New York City in 1910, he began collaborating with lyricists on Tin Pan Alley and his first published song was “Play That Barbershop Chord.”

Collaborating with William Tracey, Edgar Leslie, Maurie Abrams and mostly L. Wolfe Gilbert, Muir produced the standards “When Ragtime Rosie Ragged the Rosary”, “Waiting for the Robert E. Lee”, “Take Me To That Swanee Shore”, “Here Comes My Daddy Now”, “Mississippi River Steamboat”, “Ragtime Cowboy Joe”, “Hitchy-Koo”, “Mammy Jinny’s Jubilee” and “Hicky-Hoy.”

Lewis Muir died on January 19, 1950.

Wrote "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee"

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