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Isham Jones


Worked with Bing Crosby, Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Paul Whiteman

Composer and legendary conductor, Isham Jones was born in Coalton, Ohio on January 31, 1894.

Growing up in Saginaw, Michigan, Jones received private music instruction for the saxophone and piano. In his early career, he was a saxophonist in dance bands and eventually began his own orchestra touring throughout the United States and Europe performing in night clubs, hotels, theatres, ballrooms.

While conducting, Jones also collaborated with Gus Kahn, Jack Yellen, Charles Newman, Gordon Jenkins and other lyricists on some of the biggest hits of the day, including “It Had to Be You”, “I’ll See You In My Dreams”, “On the Alamo”, “Swingin’ Down the Lane”, “Indiana Moon”, “Spain”, “The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else”, “There is No Greater Love”, “My Best to You”, “You’ve Got Me Crying Again”, “It’s Funny to Everyone but Me”, “I’ll Never Have to Dream Again”, “Why Can’t his Night Go on Forever”, “All Mine-Almost.”

Isham Jones died in Hollywood California on October 19, 1956

Wrote "It Had To Be You"