Stage and film musicals of 1930s and 40s bore the stamp of this British composer

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Harry Revel


Acclaimed career in Paris ,Copenhagen, Vienna and London before Broadway

Composer Harry Revel was born in London, England on December 21, 1905. After graduating from the Guild Hall of Music in London, he joined the Paris Hawaiian Band, touring throughout Europe. Before immigrating to the United States in 1929, Revel wrote musicals for productions in Paris, Copenhagen, Vienna and London.

In the US, he lent his stage talents to Broadway, writing the scores for Ziegfeld Follies of 1931, Meet My Sister and Are You With It?. Under contract with Paramount Pictures and then 20th Century Fox, Revel moved to Hollywood. He wrote scores for the films Sitting Pretty, Broadway Through a Keyhole, We’re Not Dressing, She Loves Me Not, Shoot the Words, College Rhythm, Love in Bloom, Paris in the Spring, Stolen Harmony, Two for Tonight, Collegiate, Stowaway, Poor Little Rich Girl, Ali Baba Goes to Town, Wake Up and Live, You Can’t Have Everything, Head Over Heels, Love and Kisses, Four Jacks and a Jill and Love Finds Andy Hardy.

Revel collaborated with lyricists Mack Gordon, Mort Greene, Paul Francis Webster and Arnold Horwitt.

Highlights from the Harry Revel catalog include “Help Yourself to Happiness”, “Listen to the German Band”, “Underneath the Harlem Moon”, “I Played Fiddle for the Czar”, “An Orchid to You”, “A Tree Was a Tree”, “Did You Ever See a Dream Walking?”, “Doin’ the Uptown Lowdown”, “She Reminds Me of You”, “Once in a Blue Moon”, “May I?”, “Love Thy Neighbor”, “With My Eyes Wide Open I’m Dreaming”, “Stay as Sweet as You Are”, “College Rhythm”, “Take a Number from One to Ten”, “Straight from the Shoulder”, “Paris in the Spring”, “Without a Word of Warning”, “Takes Two to Make a Bargain”, “From the Top of Your Head to the Tip of Your Toes”, “I Feel Like a Feather in the Breeze”, “You Hit the Spot”, “A Star Fell Out of Heaven”, “Goodnight, My Love”, “In Old Chicago”, “But Definitely”, “Oh My Goodness”, “When I’m With You”, “It’s Swell of You”, “Never in a Million Years”, “Wake Up and Live”, “There’s a Lull in My Life”, “Afraid to Dream”, “Danger, Love at Work”, “You Can’t Have Everything”, “May I Have the Next Romance With You?”, “Sweet Someone”, “An Old Straw Hat”, “In Any Language”, “Meet the Beat of My Heart”, “Thanks for Everything”, “When There’s a Breeze on Lake Louise” and “Just Beyond the Rainbow”.

Harry Revel died in New York City on November 3, 1958.

Wrote "Paris in the Spring"