Inaugural SHOF / USC Thornton School of Music Scholarship Presented to Adam Yaron

A Songwriters Hall of Fame / USC Thornton School of Music Scholarship will be awarded annually to a student songwriter who demonstrates exceptional professional potential through their art, craft and personal character as determined by the faculty of the Popular Music Program and Division of Contemporary Music.

In announcing the establishment of the new scholarship, SHOF President & CEO Linda Moran stated, "Our partnership with Thornton, especially the SHOF / USC Master Sessions, has become one of our most esteemed programs. This scholarship celebrates that relationship and as part of the SHOF's mission is to nurture young songwriters, it more importantly recognizes and honors the next generation of songwriting talent that Thornton has been developing."

The virtual presentation of the inaugural scholarship to 2020 graduating senior Adam Yaron on May 14 was hosted by Founding Director of the Thornton School's Popular Music Program, Chris Sampson, who opened the ceremony with sincere congratulations to Adam for this honor.

"Adam exemplifies the spirit of the Songwriters Hall of Fame and its education programs in partnership with USC Thornton," Sampson said. "He maintains incredibly high standards for himself as a songwriter, producer and young professional. Adam's work ethic, artistry and dedication to the craft of songwriting has him extremely well prepared for any professional opportunity that is on the horizon. By becoming the first recipient of the SHOF/USC Thornton Scholarship, I'm hoping that he sees this as a solid endorsement that gives him confidence as he graduates from school and moves into the profession."

Yaron heartfully responded, "This honor is overwhelming and surreal, and is most definitely a landmark in my educational and professional life. I have been so deeply touched and inspired by all of the SHOF events, panels, and performances at Thornton and at the Grammy Museum. I know for a fact that learning from and being a part of many of these "moments" have impacted me as a creator and will stay with me for a long time."

SHOF Board Member and West Coast Committee chair Mary Jo Mennella said, "The afternoon provided a great deal of joy to celebrate Adam's accomplishments and cemented our longstanding relationship with Chris, Thornton School's Popular Music Program chair Patrice Rushen and the USC team."

After Thornton's Dean Robert Cutietta applauded the SHOF / Thornton partnership and Adam Yaron, the members of the SHOF West Coast Committee offered their congratulations to Yaron. Moran then closed the presentation with, "Now is the time, Adam, to go out and show us the best from you is yet to come."

Also in attendance from the SHOF for this special presentation were SHOF West Coast Committee vice-chair Kathy Spanberger, West Coast Committee event chair Barbara Cane, committee members Rebekah Alperin, Donna Caseine, Joel Flatow, Michael Pizzuto, Mike Todd and SHOF Marketing & Communications Director April Anderson.