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Won greatest success (3 million sales ) with 1988 album "Mystery Girl" 


Roy Orbison ranks as one of the most popular and well-respected hitmakers of the rock and roll era. His three-octave voice put him in a class by himself and his heartfelt, sometimes emotional songs, made him a master of his craft. His musical influence began early in his life while growing up in the small Texas town of Wink. He learned to play the guitar when he was a child and was singing country songs on the radio at age eight. As a teen, he began touring the dance halls of West Texas.

In his early twenties, Orbison heeded the advice of a friend, Johnny Cash, and visited Memphis to meet Sam Phillips, the proprietor of a hot independent recording firm, Sun Records, who had already produced hits for Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. Orbison recorded a number of single releases for Sun, including his first significant hit in 1959, "Ooby Dooby."

Orbison then moved to Nashville and signed with Monument Records. Over the next six years he would write a string of renowned hits beginning with the classic, "Only The Lonely" in 1960. Others included "Blue Angel "Candy Man "Running Scared," "Crying," “Mean Woman Blues," "Dream Baby," "Blue Bayou," "It's Over" and "Oh Pretty Woman."

During this period, Orbison enjoyed incredible success both in the U.S. and in Britain, where he toured with the Beatles as his opening in 1963. His adulation abroad remained constant throughout the 60s. In fact, during the earlier phases of the "British Invasion" of American pop, Orbison maintained his popularity on both sides of the Atlantic and for…

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Discography Highlights

OH, PRETTY WOMAN Bill Dees, Roy Orbison
Orbi Lee Publishing/R Key Darkus Publishing/Sony-ATV Acuff Rose Music/Barbara Orbison Music Co.

AS LONG AS I CAN DREAM Diane Warren, Roy Orbison
Barbara Orbison Music Co./Roy Orbison Music Co.

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