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Wrote "My Fair Lady" and "Camelot"


Frederick Loewe was born in Vienna, Austria on June 10, 1901, and from the beginning was steeped in the Viennese musical style. His father was a popular operetta star, and when The Merry Widow arrived in Berlin, Loewe's father was Berlin's first Danilo. By the age of 15, "Fritz" had composed a hit popular song, "Katrina", and was getting considerable attention as a promising young piano virtuoso. Like the young Kurt Weill, who was one year his senior, Loewe studied in Berlin with the great Italian-German composer and pianist Ferruccio Busoni. He also studied with the pianist-composer Eugen d'Albert and the composer Emil von Rezniek. At this time, his great ambition was to become a famous concert pianist and he traveled to the United States in 1924. Unfortunately, success did not greet him in America, and in the years that followed he survived by taking a colorful variety of jobs. At one time he was a cowboy, and at another time a prizefighter.

Meanwhile, Loewe worked to master the American style in popular music. In 1937, his first try at an American Musical Production opened in St. Louis called Salute to Spring. Then in 1938 he teamed up with lyricist Earle Crooker and in in his first Broadway Production called Great Lady. After several more attempts at a successful musical had failed, he met the Alan Jay Lerner, seventeen years his junior, and from that time, although Loewe worked with only Lerner.

Lerner and Loewe first met in 1942 and their first collaborations were failures The Life of the Party (1942) and What's Up? (1943). Their next, The Day…

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