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Victor August Herbert was born in Dublin, Ireland on February 1, 1859. After the death of his father in 1861, Herbert and his mother moved to the country home of his grandfather, painter, novelist and composer, Samuel Lover. The formative years in Herbert’s youth were defined by watching his grandfather paint with the constant exposure to music in their daily lives. A constant stream of writers and composers visited the Lover estate planting the seeds of music in Herbert’s young mind.

By 1866, Herbert's mother had remarried to a German doctor and the family moved to Stuttgart, Germany. The young boy received his primary education in the German Gymnasium and happily looked forward to becoming a doctor. By the time Victor was a teenager, family financial conditions forced him to abandon the idea of any expensive medical education and Victor turned to music. He studied piano, flute and piccolo landing an orchestral position performing, however after an embarrassing piccolo solo, Herbert turned his attention to the cello. Herbert became a renowned cellist and by the age of 19 had played with every major orchestra throughout Germany, performing with Baron Paul von Derwies’ private orchestra in Lugano and one year with the Eduard Strauss Orchestra in Vienna. Eventually, Herbert won a position in the Royal Court Orchestra of Stuttgart flourishing as a soloist.

Herbert continued his formal education at the Stuttgart Conservatory of Music where he studied with Max Seifriz and focused on theory, harmony and composition. During this period with the Court Orchestra, he was chosen to be among 30 hand picked members recommended by Brahms to play at…

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Discography Highlights

NEATH THE SOUTHERN MOON Rida Johnson Young, Victor Herbert
Witmark M & Sons

KISS IN THE DARK, A B.G. De Sylva, Victor Herbert
Ballentine Stephen Music/Witmark M & Sons

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