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While Glenn Frey's name is inextricably woven into the historic west coast rock and roll band, The Eagles, with their silken vocal harmonies and country rock influences, his roots are in a totally different location with its own culture and assuredly its own music scene, the city of Detroit. Known not only for the powerful Motown axis, but also for many successful rock bands including the re-nowned Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band, the Motor City was also the launching pad for Frey's own highly successful career as songwriter, singer and bandleader.

Born in November, 1948, Frey first began putting out his music taproots in the glory days of Detroit rock in the mid-'60s, with his first band, The Mushrooms. The group soon began appearing on the hot local TV show, "Robin Seymour's Swinging Time," and rapidly became a staple on the music menu of The Hideout, a favorite local teen hangout. The band's first single record, released on the club's own Hideout label, was produced by the young Bob Seger prior to his forming his own band. The single, "Such A Lovely Child," achieved significant local airplay and sales.

With the early demise of The Mushrooms, Frey joined another local folk-rock group, The Four Of Us, which was followed in turn by The Subterraneans and The Heavy Metal Kids, both organized by Frey, just prior to his making a sudden and what was to become a major career-bending decision, to move west to California, where the rainbow and the pot of gold were widely thought to be found.

He made the move in…

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Discography Highlights

HOTEL CALIFORNIA Don Felder, Don Henley, Glenn Frey
Cass County Music/Red Cloud Music/Fingers Music

YOU BELONG TO THE CITY Jack Tempchin, Glenn Frey
Red Cloud Music/Night River Publishing

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