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Honored with SHOF Sammy Cahn Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000


Neil Diamond is one of those fortunate songwriters to have enjoyed sustained success with a music catalog of major proportions, despite a time in music that saw amazing and often complex changes in the popular taste. In the mid 1960’s he was seen as an increasingly important figure in the composing and recording spectrum and his expansive catalog and ethereal voice continued to uplift audiences into the late 1990’s.

Brooklyn born, Diamond commenced his career in music at age 16, when he was given a guitar for his birthday. Intrigued at the notion of making music, he signed up for lessons at once and soon developed a basic skill as a musician. Playing the guitar also led to an interest in songwriting and in no time he had begun creating melodies and lyrics. Diamond graduated from Brooklyn's Abraham Lincoln High School and attended New York University on a fencing scholarship with a major in medicine.

However, with a growing interest and skill in making music, Diamond elected to leave college six months before graduation, throwing aside his formal studies at NYU for a small office near the fabled pop music headquarters in New York, the Brill Building. His first job was with a small music publishing firm, where, in addition to a mini-weekly paycheck, he learned music business savvy. Still later, he leased his own office in the same neighborhood for $35 a month, where he devoted entire days to what had become a passion, songwriting. In 1965, as his work was beginning to be recognized, he was approached by songwriters/producers Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich. This…

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Discography Highlights

YOU DON’T BRING ME FLOWERS Alan Bergman, Marilyn Bergman, Neil Diamond
Threesome Music Co./Stonebridge Music

FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS Richard Bennett, Neil Diamond
Stonebridge Music/Sweet Sixteen Music, Inc.

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