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Dozens of Top 10 hits, 100s of millions of records sold, Gave the world "Good Vibrations" indeed!


Legendary producer, arranger, performer and songwriter, Brian Wilson has created a body of work that remains among the most memorable in rock music history. His career, first following intense travail as the key creative figure in the group The Beach Boys, and later, physically and emotionally, as a brilliant star in his own right, had its actual beginnings over Labor Day weekend, 1961, in Hawthorne, California.

During that historic moment, Brian Douglas Wilson, and younger brothers Dennis and Carl, cousin Mike Love and friend, Al Jardine, were rehearsing a tune written by Brian and Mike for an audition for a possible recording session. The song, "Surfin," put to music the newest southern California craze, the sport of surfing with the raw material that would define The Beach Boys sound to come, propulsive, Chuck Berry style rock and roll with the sophisticated pop harmonies of the Four Freshman, who were always one of Brian Wilson's favorite music makers.

When "Surfin," began making local waves in the greater Los Angeles area, well-tuned ears at the nearby Capitol Records Tower just up from Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street, liked what they heard and The Beach Boys soon began a multi-decade long association with Capitol. Wilson and the band thereafter stepped into the potent theme sources of surfing, hotrod cars and high-octane hormones, to find the flashpoint of what America's post World War II teenagers were looking for.

Hit singles came quickly and in abundance, all of them written by Brian Wilson and recorded by The Beach Boys with their patented sound. Among the titles: "Surfin USA," "Little Surfer Girl"…

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